• It's never been easy to be creative with lighting, but with Fenderlight you can free your imagination and make your projects unique and original

  • Reaching people is a good result in itself, but doing it in a surprising way is even better.

  • With Fenderlight, anything's possible the new, customisable led system with infinite forms, applicable in any location, gives you maximum freedom of creation .



"We develop ideas that leave their mark"

With Fenderlight, you can model the light to develop the potential of a product, architecture or any other object or application for your business needs Our lighting system is suitable for those with specific creative requirements and no wish for standardised supplies. The high level of customisation of the strip led, protective resin and support render this system extremely flexible to use. The strip led has colours, intensity and adjustable lighting levels designed to create the right atmosphere for all occasions. The resin is selected in accordance with the desired lighting effect and is highly resistant to chemical products, atmospheric agents, physical stresses, shock and pressure on the floor surface. The support base which forms the heart of the Fenderlight system is made to measure to ensure that it adapts perfectly to any surface or straight, curved or complex structure.The system may be used in nautical settings, close to the sea and in all situations in general where seawater, sea salt, strong sunlight and abrasive sand are present.

New products:
The new illuminated PRB fenders may be used in boats, on quays, in emergency exit routes, on step markers, steps and domestic skirting boards, and as protective panels in a variety of applications. The support bases are 9, 7, 4 and 3 cm long respectively. They are fixed in place using screws which attach the support base to the structure. The LEDs and resin can be customised. The profiles are extruded in bars to the required length.