• We do everything possible to ensure that each project can be customised.



• 2700°K Warm White LED
• 4500°K Daylight LED
• 6500°K Cold White LED
• single colour LED light
• LED light coloured in the RGB spectrum
• light flow selection (Lumen)
• selection of quantity of LEDs (LEDs per Metre)
• voltage selection (12/24 Volts)
Strip LEDs may have a high chromatic yield index, or CRI, from 85 to 90, which makes them suitable for all applications in which absolutely faithful and natural colour effects are essential. In other cases, it's possible to opt for solutions with lower chromatic yields (but never lower than CRI 60), whose production costs are obviously lower. The strip LED can emit light with pinpoint or homogeneous effects very similar to those of decorative neon lights. These light effects are determined by the number of LEDs in the strip (LEDs per metre), the light flow emitted by the LED (lumen) and the type of resin used in the LED/resin combination (transparent or opaque).

• transparent resin
• opaque white resin
• opaque coloured resin
• elastic resin
• rigid resin
• semi-rigid resin

The two-component polyurethane resin is cast on the strip led using specific production processes which guarantee high quality standards. The resin covers and protects the strip led and guarantees high resistance to UV rays, solvents, water, sea salt and fire. The resin-led assembly is totally dust resistant and can be immersed permanently in water down to a depth of 1 metre (protection class IP68). The resin guarantees high levels of resistance to shock, pressure on the floor surface and wear and tear caused by friction, and remains transparent in the course of time, with no yellowing or deterioration due to atmospheric agents.

• elastic support
• rigid support
• semi-rigid support
• standard black support
• support with colour of choice
• support with simple shape
• support with complex shape
• multiple, combination support
The support base is the heart of the Fenderlight system, which enables us to devise unique, original lighting applications which are difficult to reproduce. The design and prototype stages are carried out by GMP with the assistance of the customer, and the products are subsequently manufactured using an in-line extrusion process. We use top quality synthetic and inorganic polymers in our production processes, such as plastics in general, rubber and silicone. The made-to-measure support base can be applied to an infinite number of profiles, structures or products, and may be fixed in place by means of adhesives, standard or special screws or removable built-in systems.

• energy saving
• quick return on investments
• duration and performance
• no maintenance costs
Excellent energy savings can be achieved with LED lighting, which makes efficient use of energy.
It uses 80% less energy than a traditional source to produce the same light flow. This means that the investments can be paid off quickly over the medium term. A LED light can also last for up to 15 years when lit for 9 hours a day, with a performance loss of 15% as against 40-65% for traditional sources. As well as being long-lasting, a LED light means reduced maintenance costs for replacements or failures, as the operating temperatures are much lower and the duration of the electronic and mechanical components is extended as a result.